The tuioZone library for Processing provides a way to set zones within a multi-touch screen to respond in useful ways to TUIO (1.0) messages sent from a tracking application, like tbeta. It processes TUIO events and provides methods to get data about each zone and related cursor data.


Unzip and put the extracted tuioZones folder into the libraries folder of your processing sketches. The source code, a reference Javadoc, and examples are included in the folder. You will also need the oscP5 library.

A tracker application, like tbeta, will be needed to send TUIO (1.0) messages to the application.






(version 0.2.0) tuioZones - released 10/21/10
Notes:added getSwipeXtranslation() and getSwipeYtranslation().
(version 0.1.9) tuioZones
- released 06/01/10
Notes: fixed osc message bug - hopefully.
(version 0.1.8) tuioZones
- released 05/17/10
Notes: added getGestureScale(); getGestureRotation(); gestureXtranslation(); gestureYtranslation(); fixed translation while scaling; added x and y scalable attribute; added x and y draggable attribute; added setZoneDragLimits().
(version 0.1.7) tuioZones
- released 04/30/10
Notes: added drawImage(); drawRect(); drawCirc(); drawText(); clickEvent() event listener;added changeName; fixed centerY; fixed velocity (for swipes and throw); added scale sensitivity and limits.
(version 0.1.5) tuioZones
- released 10/27/09
Notes: Added assignZoneToGroup(); added setZoneActive(); setZoneChildrenActive(); isZoneActive();.
(version 0.1.4) tuioZones
- released 10/03/09
Notes: Added attachZoneTo() for attaching a child zone to a parent zone.
(version 0.1.3) tuioZones
- released 5/26/09
Notes: Added 'WINDOW3D' to allow one-finger gestures in a zone to drive 3d Matrix transformations that can be applied to objects. Added 'VSWIPEABLE' which is a vertical version of 'HSWIPEABLE'.
(version 0.1.2) tuioZones - released 5/11/09
Notes: Fixed getTrail(). Added setZoneData() for a circle. Added pullZoneToTop().
(version 0.1.1) tuioZones
- released 5/3/09
Notes: The number of zones are no longer limited. They were limited to 10 in prior version.
(version 0.1.0) tuioZones - released 4/13/09
Notes: First alpha release.


An online Javadoc is available. The Javadoc is also included in the download.


Group Zones
Attach Zones
Demo 1
Rotation Gesture


Platform: OSX
Processing: 1.0.6
Dependencies: oscP5
Multi-touch Device: DIY FTIR w/tbeta


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The download contains the source code. The library is free for use under GPLv3.